The war on Christmas has never stopped

We talk a lot about the Rights Commission of Canada which affirmed in its own way that Christmas was a discriminatory holiday, unfairly favoring the Christian religion in the calendar, to the disadvantage of religious minorities.

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Many are surprised by such a statement. They see it as a mistake. They are wrong. In fact, it represents the logical outcome of Canadian multiculturalism.

Let me explain.


In multiculturalist logic, all cultures must be put on the same footing in the country, whether it is the culture of the host society – in our case, that of the two founding peoples – or the culture of the new arrivals.

So why should Christian holidays be given priority in the calendar?

Some will answer: but we are in the West, and the immigrants who settle here know in which cultural universe they are settling. A good way to integrate is to respect and appropriate the culture of the host society.

Multiculturalist ideology doesn’t care.

For her, the identity of Western societies is always arbitrary, and their symbolic de-Christianization, to the point of wanting to tear Christmas off the calendar, or at least, to make it an optional celebration, is the culmination of their identity deconstruction.

This war against Christmas which is crossing the Western world takes on other faces elsewhere. In France and Belgium, town halls controlled by the radical left are now offering a Christmas without traditions.

We keep the Christmas celebration, but we change its meaning to make it conform to the diversity ideology in all its dimensions. Even Santa Claus has to go there and flirts with the idea of ​​becoming a Christmas.


Faced with this, we have the right to defend our culture, our traditions, our folklore, and to do so without a guilty conscience.

There are still limits to lying down in front of ideologues who want to throw away our identities.

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