the Vierzon club suspends all its activities after monkey cries heard in the stands and files a complaint

Except for the National 3 squad, no training is provided. The president of the Vierzon Football Club indicated that he was withdrawing.

After cries of monkeys heard in the stands during a Gambardella Cup match, the French Youth Cup, between Vierzon and Bourges on Sunday, the Vierzon club (Cher) announced Monday October 2 to suspend all club activities until further notice, reports France Bleu Berry. Except for the National 3 squad, no training is provided.

A complaint was also filed, according to France Bleu Berry. “Our jersey, our colors and our club are soiled (…) by a bunch of imbeciles”deplores the president of the club Thierry Pronko in a press release shared on social networks and expresses his disgust at the “infectious and unbearable reek of racism”.

“We have been reporting these incivilities for two years”

Since Monday, I have had no support from the Federation, from the League. We get by, we wonder if we’re part of the same world“, regretted on franceinfo Thierry Pronko, who indicated that he was withdrawing.

It’s been a year and a half, two years since we’ve been reporting these incivilities, the stadium which no longer has a guard and where we have to police“, especially with “the young people who come to cause problems during meetings. These are problems that we have mastered. Unfortunately, there, we came across young people who were a little more virulent. They’re fed up. I’m fed up. I am in my 28th year as president, I have volunteers and we are not here to police. We do not have the means“, insisted Thierry Pronko. And slipped: “The authorities, the federation, the leagues are only in the sanction, in the judgment.

These difficult situations are not specific to Vierzon, they take place in many matches, he believes: “All Ligue 1 matches should be stopped in the fifth minute“due to this type of behavior, according to him, before concluding:”In football, it’s every weekend. If we applied the regulations to the letter, not many football matches would take place anymore.

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