the very critical oppositions after the wishes of Emmanuel Macron

“It’s a campaign speech, it’s the speech of a man who is going to be a candidate,” reacted Friday, December 31 on franceinfo deputy La France insoumise de Seine-Saint-Denis Alexis Corbière, after the wishes to the French by Emmanuel Macron. From wishes whata spokesperson for the Republican candidate’s campaign, Agnès Evren, judge “without surprise” and which show that the president feels “in real danger facing Valérie Pécresse” for 2022.

“In this presidential speech, there is only self-promotion”, critical Alexis Corbiere. The fact that the president “wait until the last moment” to present yourself as a candidate “is problematic from a democratic point of view because it uses the means of the state to campaign”, he judges.

“Mr. Macron, declare yourself a candidate!”

Alexis Corbières, LFI deputy

to franceinfo

Sandrine Rousseau, special advisor to the candidate of Europe Ecology Les-Verts in the presidential election, affirms on franceinfo that these wishes were those of a “candidate who reaffirms his record and who systematically forgets ecology”. For her part, the vice-president of the Republicans, Agnès Evren, said to have seen “a president who plays in defense”, who has “defended his record”, for an obvious reason, according to her, “we feel he is in real danger against Valérie Pécresse”.

Franceinfo guest, Christophe Castaner, president of the LREM group in the National Assembly, denied these accusations: “He did not take stock of his presidency but rather take stock of our collective action.”

The former Minister of the Interior also welcomed a president who is proud of the French and proud of France “. “I heard a President of the Republic who is not facing the French, but a President of the Republic who is with the French”, he added.

The campaign manager of the Communist Party’s presidential candidate, Ian Brossat, for his part castigates a president who “may have praised the vaccine” corn Who “is not vaccinated against disconnection”. “Emmanuel Macron is visibly happy with him. He thinks that France is doing well. But the reality is that the French are not doing well at all”, he annoys on franceinfo.

But for Christophe Castanerle president has “carried a message of hope for 2022 and set goals”, during his vows. “He finally recalled that France, despite its difficulties, emerged stronger from this health crisis.” For Sandrine Rousseau, Emmanuel Macron “foresees the future without the climate crisis. However, it will invite itself into our future, whatever happens today. He is in a form of denial, and it is serious, because he is president of the Republic.”

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