the unparalleled efficiency of the iron dome



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Iran’s attack on Israel: the unparalleled effectiveness of the Iron Dome

Iran’s attack on Israel: the unparalleled effectiveness of the Iron Dome

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During the Iranian attack, Israel activated its very efficient air defense system, which enabled it to counter the offensive. Since April 9, there has been a maritime version, the C-Dome.

In images provided by the Israeli army, a Shahed drone is closely followed and quickly shot down by a fighter plane. The Israeli air force and its allies operated all night to contain the Iranian attack, far from its borders, helped by a formidable anti-missile system, the famous Iron Dome. Since 2011, around ten very expensive batteries have been distributed throughout the country, to shoot down rockets 70 km away. Each interceptor costs more than 40,000 euros. The Arrow device was also used. It intercepts ballistic missiles fired at very high altitude.

The dome at sea

All these weapons would have made it possible to neutralize almost all of the 170 drones, 30 cruise missiles and 120 ballistic missiles sent by Iran and its supporters. Another very recent anti-missile shield, the naval version of the iron dome, the C-Dome, officially in place since April 9. This interception system on board at sea makes it possible to thwart all kinds of attacks.

For General Dominique Trinquand, it is the adaptation of this specific device to Israel which made it possible to counter Iran. For experts, this success is also linked to intelligence services.

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