the United States denounces an “incredibly undemocratic process” after the wide re-election of Vladimir Putin

Washington has no intention of congratulating the President of the Russian Federation, unsurprisingly re-elected for a fifth term.



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US State Department spokesperson Vedant Patel in Washington (United States), May 15, 2023. (CELAL GUNES / ANADOLU AGENCY / AFP)

No congratulations from Washington. The United States declared, Monday March 18, that the Russian presidential vote which resulted in the re-election of Vladimir Putin to a chair was not free. “It was an incredibly undemocratic process”Vedant Patel, spokesperson for the American State Department, told the press.

Asked about a possible lack of recognition of the result of the vote by Washington, as demanded by Russian dissidents, Vedant Patel replied: “I think it’s safe to say there probably won’t be a congratulatory call from the United States.”

The American spokesperson also castigated a vote under duress, no real rival of Vladimir Putin having been able to present himself, in the midst of a period of repression of any dissident voice. Russians “deserve free and fair elections and the opportunity to choose from a pool of candidates representing a broad and diverse range of opinions”. The Russian president, in power for almost a quarter of a century, won more than 87% of the vote, ten points more than in 2018.

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