the unions contest the elimination of 1,700 positions within the Health Insurance

In fact, 2,400 jobs will disappear within four years, but at the same time there will be several hundred job creations.

Some 1,700 jobs cut within four years, this is the agreement which was validated on the evening of Monday June 26 between Health Insurance and the State, the latter believing that IT would soon make it possible to gain in productivity. . A decision contested by the unions. Those present on the Board of Directors of Health Insurance opposed or abstained.

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In total, it is therefore 2% of the health insurance workforce that will be eliminated. In fact, 2,400 jobs will disappear within four years, but there will be several hundred job creations at the same time. The Ministry of the Economy believes that the new information systems will allow productivity gains, and that there will no longer be a need for as many people, for example to manage sick leave files.

A review clause

A speech tempered by Jocelyne Cabanel, CFDT national secretary: “It has almost become a fantasy of modernization which would make the treatment of sick leaves become almost instantaneous. We know that it is more complicated than that, that you have to collect documents. We know that every time we touch information systems as sensitive as that of the CAF or the CPAM, it’s complicated. Sometimes we ask more work to the agents. For the CFDT as long as there is no real, effective and observed gain, there should be no job cuts.

It is for this reason that the CFDT obtained the signature of a “review clause”. This year and next year, there will be limited job cuts: 250 people. In two years a progress report will be made. If the computer has actually made it possible to go faster, the other positions will be eliminated. Otherwise, for example if the quality of reception of the insured has deteriorated or if the sick leaves are treated with even more delay, then the State and the unions will rediscuss the job cuts.

Meet the insured

At the same time, this draft agreement approved by the health insurance unions provides for around 800 job creations. This will make it possible to strengthen prevention, what is called “going towards” and which worked well during the Covid. The objective is to meet policyholders, especially those who are most in a precarious situation or who are elderly.

Additional positions will also be dedicated to the fight against fraud by healthcare professionals. In the viewfinder for several years already, these dental or optical health centers which rip off social security by counting duplicate acts or even by invoicing health insurance for care that has never been carried out.

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