the unexpected revelation of Jenifer and M. Pokora on his tube “I give you”!

On tour throughout France as part of his “Epicentre” tour, Mr. Pokora is about to see his schedule even more busy as the Festivals approach.

At the arenas of Nîmes on June 24 with the singer Jenifer to celebrate their 20 years of respective careers, Mr. Pokora has also granted an interview to Free lunch during which the singer communicated his impatience to help him perform on this legendary stage.

“Before doing it for the first time, a few years ago, I had just come back from doing it. It’s a place that’s on my bucket list, the arenas of Nîmes are an exceptional setting, and we know that all the greatest have been there, I’ve already had the chance to do it too, and it’s true that I’m very excited at the idea of ​​doing it again this year, hoping for good weather”did he declare.

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His cover of a Jean-Jacques Goldman hit

Asked about his last duet piece with Jenifer, a cover of Jean-Jacques Goldman’s hit “I give you”, Christina Milian’s companion then explained how this single was born:

“Initially, we had planned to sing this duet only for Jenifer’s Bercy. In the end, people shared and re-shared the video so much that we made a studio version of it”he remembered before specifying that he was not yet sure to interpret this piece in the company of Jenifer at the arenas of Nîmes: “We haven’t talked about doing it at the Festival, but I imagine so! I’m so focused on preparing for my concert, that I haven’t thought about it yet, but it would be a shame to be together and not do it. I haven’t worked on the list of songs, we will decide on this part of the organization a week before, “ the suspense is at its peak…


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