the unbearable wait of the families of missing migrants


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Tunisia: the unbearable wait for families of missing migrants
Tunisia: the unbearable wait for families of missing migrants

While more and more young Tunisians try to reach Italy by crossing the Mediterranean, their families, without news for several months, are in an interminable wait.

Photos held up, on which appear the faces of young Tunisians who have now disappeared. Overwhelmed, their families have not heard from them for more than four months. The only certainty was that they wanted to reach Europe via the Mediterranean, like Meftheh’s son, who was 17 years old on the day of his departure. “We are tired of waiting, we still hope for his return but we have no information from the authorities. Not knowing anything exhausts us all”says the father, moved to tears.

Meftheh’s son may have passed through one of the camps located around forty kilometers from Sfax (Tunisia). One of them welcomes migrants from sub-Saharan Africa. Under the olive trees, in deplorable conditions, they wait for a boat to reach the Italian coast, if they manage to escape arrest. In 2023, more than 1,300 migrants from the Tunisian coast have disappeared at sea. However, more and more of them are attempting the crossing.

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