“The time for words has passed, Gabriel, we are waiting for action”, reacts Marine Le Pen

Traveling to Reunion Island, Marine Le Pen said she was waiting for her measures to be implemented, particularly at the judicial level.


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Marine Le Pen (RN), during a speech in Marseille, March 3, 2024. (CHRISTOPHE SIMON / AFP)

“The time for words has passed, Gabriel, we are waiting for actions”, reacts Marine Le Pen on Thursday April 18, after Gabriel Attal’s announcements on minors’ violence. For the boss of RN deputies, “everything that goes in the direction of authority goes in the right direction, but if common sense consists only of talking about it and not doing it, it is worse than not talking about it.”

Traveling to Reunion, Marine Le Pen says she is waiting to see “the reality of the instructions which will be given to the Prosecutor’s Office” by the Minister of the Interior, particularly with regard to the prioritization of violence against minors in the penal policy applied by public prosecutors. It emphasizes in particular the procedures which will be “committed against defaulting parents”because “it was pretty much close to zero”she believes, before adding that “Macron governments have been woefully failing in the area of ​​state authority.”

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