the tensions on the left around the question of a primary

A losing machine for some, a condition of victory for others, the idea of ​​a left-wing primary, after the European elections, continues to make headway with a view to the 2027 presidential election.


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Primaries have already been organized by the left, notably by the Socialist Party in 2017. (LAURENT FERRIERE / HANS LUCAS / AFP)

On the left, the primary is like a religion, there are the proselytes, the practitioners, those who don’t believe in it and those who hate it. Today, unsurprisingly, it is the socialists who want it the most, starting with PS deputy Jérôme Guedj. He is working on a booklet, an instruction manual of sorts, of the ideal primary, to try to convince those we call the “unionists”. To hear him say, the program is already ready (that of Nupes), all that is missing is a candidate to embody it with, at the end, “a dream team of people who like each other and want to govern together”. Jérôme Guedj assures that “the question is starting to brew in people’s minds”. But the approach should not, according to him, come from the parties.

According to Jérôme Guedj, this approach must come from the base, those who tasted the union, the Nupes, before seeing it explode because of the general staffs. According to information from franceinfo, the “popular primary” is just starting up again. This militant, pro-union initiative, launched just before the last presidential election, had collapsed due to the refusal of the candidates to participate. But its initiators are “hot boiling”, confides a deputy. They will publish an essay in October, to take stock of the approach on the voters they consulted recently and whose“ultra majority” wants them to revive. And they are not the only ones, other ideas launched here and there, behind the scenes, are making headway.

The opposition of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Fabien Roussel

But this initiative comes up against agnostics: the Insoumis. There is no question of making a primary for Jean-Luc Mélenchon. He still does not rule out the possibility of running alone in 2027. Just like the communist Fabien Roussel. What’s the point of having a primary without LFI and without the PC?, some ask. The only solution: for the most unionist of these two parties to leave for the common adventure, like the rebellious François Ruffin and Clémentine Autain, but they are cautious.

And the European elections are another obstacle to this primary. LThe countryside is very tense. Everyone attacks each other through tweets, even recently, on the subject of the – canceled – LFI conference on Gaza, the break is complete with the socialists. Some think that the union will not recover after the election. “As long as we think we can’t win in 2027.”estimates a deputy, the endless “little horse race” continue to.

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