the ten commandments of married life in a Parisian comedy on point

A couple of forty-somethings married for ten years, two children, love each other and tear each other apart to write a charter of peace.

Ilan Klipper, in his fifth film, gives a leading role to Camille Chamoux in The Peace Process which hits theaters Wednesday, June 14. A dramatic comedy about a Parisian couple, it starts from the playful principle of a “Household” Table of the Law, written by a married couple. She leads a situation comedy where the duo Camille Chamoux-Damien Bonnard (The Intranquilles) operates in a generational tone.

French society

Marie and Simon love each other, with their two little girls, in a large Parisian apartment. Separated all day by their work, they only meet to argue. Until the day when, at the end of their tether, they put down on paper the universal charter of rights for couples, a list of rules to be followed at all costs in their relationship.

Ilan Klipper films a comedy of manners in Paris as he regularly leaves. French society is often staged through the family, the children, the couple: separated, recomposed, gendered… Open doors to the inexhaustible variations to which a good part of auteur cinema is devoted. Ilan Klipper makes it a well-written comedy with good projections where we find ourselves.

Pepper in the cocktail

The film declines the situations where Marie and Simon constantly pass from observer to observed, each trying to catch the other at fault. Misunderstandings and justifications end on the pillow, where we move on to another chapter. The good surprise of finding Jeanne Balibar as a heart-breaker and best friend of Marie, brings the pepper of a snob on the shutter, in a deadpan cocktail, in which she excels. Arianne Ascaride also makes appearances as a conciliatory mother.

Friendly and up to date, The Peace Process puts to the test every regal sentence of couple life in an urban and friendly setting populated by friends, parties and outings. Along with two little girls, a little secondary, but also observant. As we all are, observers of a generation in search of meaning, caught in a shallot race, seeking to extricate themselves from it in order to live together. We are far from great ideals, but close to an urban life in search of feelings.

The sheet

Gender : Drama
Director: Ilan Klipper
Actors: Camille Chamoux, Damien Bonnard, Ariane Ascaride
Country : France
Duration : 1h32
Exit : June 14, 2023
Distributer : The pact

Summary: When we love each other but we can’t stand each other anymore, what do we do? Marie and Simon are deeply in love, despite the constant arguments in their life as a couple. In order not to separate, they embark on a slightly crazy adventure: to draw up a list of rules that they will have to follow at all costs. They call it the Universal Couple’s Bill of Rights.

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