the summary of the late success of the Blue against the Italians


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For its entry into the running, the French team won with difficulty in Parma (22-12), Sunday, against an Italian team carried by its public.

On the first day of the Six Nations Tournament, the French team took time to secure victory against Italy (22-12), Sunday March 26, far from the great successes of the Wales and England on Saturday. Supported by their public in Parma, the Transalpines demonstrated impressive tenacity, while the Blues experienced unusual clumsiness. Despite the difficulties encountered, the essentials are assured for the first of this revamped tricolor team.

Under the leadership of their new captain Audrey Forlani, the French managed to take the lead thanks to tries from Gabrielle Vernier (24th) and Carla Arbez (33rd). Taken aback after the break by the Italian winger Alyssa D’Inca (47th), the tricolor formation led by Gaelle Mignot and David Ortiz finally secured their lead late in the game thanks to Caroline Boujard (74′).

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