the strange phone call from her boyfriend, worried about being zapped

The complicity between Star Academy students is at the heart of all debates on social networks. After having been very close to Candice to the point of generating relationship rumors, Pierre is now playing a dangerous game with Héléna. For several days now, the two candidates have been displaying more and more complicity and tenderness… During one sequence, Pierre, for example, said: “Be careful, we’ll end up not letting each other go, both of us […]. From hatred to love, there is only one step”. And Héléna replied: “Go ahead, take a step!”.

Enough to embarrass viewers who recalled that the pretty blonde with blue eyes has a boyfriend waiting for her outside. “Bring in Héléna’s boyfriend. He’s going to fight!”, “I would like him (Héléna’s boyfriend, editor’s note) to come, just to explain himself to Héléna and Pierre” can we read on X (formerly Twitter). Others seem to be up for seeing the two students start something: “The tension between them!”, “They’re both cute”, “It’s getting hot!”, “The chemistry!”, “What are they waiting for?” are also among the reactions.

Héléna: her boyfriend makes a “strange” phone call
This Wednesday, December 13, 2023, Héléna was able to make a phone call to her darling. The young man was then very enthusiastic, congratulating his girlfriend on her meeting with Brigitte Macron at the Élysée before commenting on her vocal prowess which, according to him, is better when she sings without instruments and outside of a studio.

At the end of the phone call, the young man simply asks Héléna if she has “opened her little notebook” before asking her to “take a good look at their photos” and “think of him”. A rather cute and rather simple request, so much so that some Internet users were surprised not to see him question his closeness to Pierre. “Are we sure Helena’s boyfriend watches the show?” one viewer commented. “Looks like she was talking to her best friend! Weird!”, “Maybe he just trusts her because he knows who she is, he just understands that she needs a friend, he’s not inventing a life for her” can also be read.

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