the show punished for its treatment of the Lola affair

For several days, “TPMP”‘ has been in the eye of the media storm. After having launched a sanction procedure against C8 on Thursday about the altercation between Louis Boyard and Cyril Hanouna, Arcom ruled this Friday, November 18 on the handling of the Lola affair in the most watched program of C8. After this sordid news item, the host and his columnists had reacted to the murder of the teenager and provoked certain indignant reactions. Cyril Hanouna had notably demanded an “immediate trial” and “direct life” for the main suspect in the murder of Lola. “For me, she has no right to a defense, he had chanted. “Crazy or not crazy, she must be in prison. She should not be treated.”, he added. A few days later, the Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Moretti, had violently rebuffed the words of the host in “C à vous”, on France 5, evoking a “negation of the rule of law” and a return to the “Middle Ages”.

So by dint of rubbing shoulders with a politically a little too incorrect, Cyril Hanouna ended up having his channel condemned. In its decision published this Friday, November 18, the audiovisual regulator considers that these sequences of “Do not touch my post” reflect “a breach” by C8 of its “obligation to deal with an ongoing legal case with moderation”. Arcom also deplores the fact that Cyril Hanouna was able to “express his opinion at length without a quick and effective contradiction being opposed to him”.

According to Arcom, the chain belonging to the Bolloré group has, in such a way, violated its “obligation to respect the expression of different points of view on the air on a controversial subject”. It consequently imposes on the channel a formal notice, a warning which is not accompanied by a financial penalty.


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