the shocking images of his home

She was very happy to come back from skiing, even listening to a happy song by Mika on the way back by car… Everything stopped for Capucine Anav, this March 26, 2024, while she is back home , in Paris. Little Lola’s mother made a horrible discovery at her home, turning the key in the lock of her front door.

“I’m stunned”

Her door was forced, and the ex of Louis Sarkozy and Alain Fabien Delon assures her: it was unfortunately broken into. “I am stunned” explained the young woman, before bursting into tears in front of her phone. Inside the house, for the moment, Capucine Anav has not yet shown us anything. But we can guess from the look of the door that been tagged from the inside, that she will tragically find carnage there…

A heartbreak for the one who announced only 5 weeks ago to her subscribers that she was finally the owner of her apartment, which she is decorating as she goes along, with as much pride in her accomplishments as happiness.

Capucine Anav is unfortunately not the first celebrity to make this kind of blood-curdling discovery. Last February, the daughter of sports journalist Nelson Montfort, Victoria Montfort, found her Parisian apartment upside down when she returned from a performance at the theater. Even more traumatic, many celebrities have been victims of burglaries while they were at home in recent months…

Burglaries are increasing among stars

We think in particular of Bruno Guillon, but also of Sylvie Tellier, or even Vitaa, who all had to deal with criminals. Some managed to scare away the thieves, as was the case with Jean-Luc Reichmann a few weeks ago, others like Nikos Aliagas, fortunately had a security system which did what was necessary, in the absence of the owner of the premises.


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