the second life of recycled school bags


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At the start of each school year, the government says it wants to halve the weight of students’ school bags. While waiting to achieve this, these satchels can now be recycled and have a second life.

Giving a second life to the one who shared all our income is possible. Simply drop them off in one of the 110 participating stores in exchange for 10 euros. It’s a gesture for the planet and for the wallet. The offer is capped at two satchels and is valid from 50 euros of purchase. For a year, the price of school materialse increased by 11%, so it becomes beneficial for parents. The initiative has met with encouraging enthusiasm among customers.

15,000 bags sorted

Since the start of the operation two months ago, 15,000 bags have been sorted Châtellerault (Vienna). School bags in good condition are donated to Restos du Cœur. The others are crushed, then treated. The plastic is then reused to make school supplies. “We imagine when we start the new product that we will haverisked the end of life and recovery of this object. (…) this material will not be polluting”explains Jean-Marc Neveu, co-founder of Plaxtil.

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