The return of the “Strangers” expected soon? In “C to you”, Didier Bourdon goes straight to the point!

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine received Didier Bourdon, Tuesday June 13, 2023! The actor is in the cast of the film 38°5 Quai des Orfèvresin theaters June 21, 2023. “Panic Quai des Orfèvres! A serial killer, nicknamed the Solitary Worm(s), sows alexandrines on crime scenes, causing terror and confusion. Clarisse Sterling, an enthusiastic young investigator, is entrusted with this case under the supervision of the Legendary Superintendent Keller Armed with 200 g of chouquettes and a beautiful well-placed pineapple, Clarisse must juggle between the broken arms of the crime squad and twisted puzzles to unmask the assassin… The impossible mission has only just begun. ” In this realization of Benjamin Lehrer, interprets the main character, Franck Keller.

In addition to talking about this feature film, the 64-year-old man was asked about the return of the Unknowns. Mohamed Bouhafsi has indicated that the trio’s next film has been entrusted to Riad Sattouf. “Yes. And then Riad is a great gentleman too. With Riad, it’s mutual, he loves us a lot. There, he just sent me a text message the day before yesterday. I believe it will be ready soonsaid the guest. “For the agenda, we’ll see. But let’s say it’s progressing very well”he added. “In the world of Riad, I know that we will play several different characters. This will be the universe of the Unknowns and at the same time the universe of the director. I think our characters will be at the service of his universe. And since he adores us, he will serve us wonderful things to play, most certainly”.

We are now awaiting the result and the release date of this achievement because many wish to see Didier Bourdon, Bernard Campan, and Pascal Legitimus again. As a reminder, they met on TF1in 2022 for an evening!

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