The Republicans mistakenly sent a press release to welcome a “conclusive” joint joint commission when it was not yet finished

The document was broadcast via a WhatsApp loop, before being removed.

The Republicans in the National Assembly group sent a press release to journalists on Wednesday March 15 in which it welcomed “of a conclusive joint committee” on pension reform, even though this commission had not finished its work.

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“The CMP on pensions concluded today with an agreement between the National Assembly and the Senate. The Republicans of the Assembly group welcomes this agreement which considerably improves the text put forward by the Government” wrote the LR group to the Assembly in this press release which had obviously gone too quickly – and dated March 5. It was taken down minutes after it was posted in the WhatsApp loop for journalists.

“Unlike the Nupes and the RN, who only know how to oppose without proposing anything, the Republicans are mobilized to make the government project more humane, fairer, and more balanced”, they added in this press release. He highlights an “acquis” obtained by LR over long careers, with a start from 43 years of annuities. There is, however, a nuance in the validated proposal: a discount which should not satisfy the recalcitrant within the LR group, around Aurélien Pradié.

“A Masquerade”

The distribution of this press release caused an immediate reactionare elected from Nupes. The socialist deputy Arthur Delaporte thus presented himself in front of the journalists to joke about Olivier Marleix, president of the LR group, “probably a little excited about the idea of ​​​​his marriage with the macronists”. “This is proof that this CMP is a masquerade”, he pointed. On Twitter, Mathilde Panot (LFI)who participated in this CMP, denounced “a deal sealed behind the scenes” with the government.

Marine Le Pen, for the National Rally group, denounces “the total hypocrisy of this party which, once again, submits to the government against the French”.

A few tens of minutes later, several participants of this CMP announced that this joint joint committee had reached an agreement on the bill reforming pensions. Ihe text can no longer be amended, and will be put to the vote in the Senate tomorrow at 9 a.m., then in the National Assembly at 3 p.m. It will be definitively adopted if both votes are in favour, and rejected if not. The government can also choose to use 49.3 to have it adopted.

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