the repeat offender opens up about his “sure guys”, who applied “the scenario to the letter”

Tried for his escape from Réau prison (Seine-et-Marne) in 2018, the repeat robber made a spontaneous statement lasting almost 4 hours before the Paris Assize Court on Monday.



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Redoine Faïd, before the Paris Assize Court, during the first day of the trial, September 5, 2023. (BENOIT PEYRUCQ / AFP)

Redoine Faïd is inexhaustible. His words are chosen, his sentences as if repeated for months. It sometimes seems like he’s doing slam, especially his verse against isolation in prison, the cold, rats, loneliness in solitary confinement… “Your life belongs to the walls”launches Redoine Faïd, whose trial before the Paris Assize Court opened on September 5 and is due to last until October 20.

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The repeat robber escaped on July 1, 2018 from Réau prison, in Seine-et-Marne. His run had lasted three months. He is being tried for in particular for “repeat escape by organized gang” and “aircraft hijacking”, with 11 other people suspected of having helped him prepare or carry out this escape, or of having assisted him during his run.

“Mathos hidden” outside

The president of the court reframes it: “We want to hear from you on the facts, Mr. Faïd”. So, he explains how he planned his escape with a simple cell phone, from his cell. Given the absence of anti-aircraft lines, he chooses the helicopter, then thinks of the smoke bomb and the grinder to cut the doors. “Outside, I had equipment stashed and, above all, reliable guys to follow the scenario to the letter. Sorry, Madam President, apologizes the one who clears his two brothers and his three nephews accused with him. Sure guys, they’re not in the box today. That’s why I always take the most expensive rate. Me, I don’t swing”.

Regarding his run, he talks about tracking down the police “who had nothing”and who had to go up “mousetraps in the middle” banditry. Redoine Faïd is grandiloquent, but his story is elliptical. The court and the parties will have many questions to ask him on Tuesday.

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