The Rendez-vous de la Francophonie celebrate their 25th anniversary

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The Rendez-vous de la Francophonie (RVF) are in full swing throughout the month of March. On the theme of celebration, this 25e edition seeks to spread the taste for French culture across the country. Heading for the propan-Canadian grammation festivities.

“It’s a good number for an anniversary, 25 years, and then in terms of programming, we are entitled to several activities across Canada. There are tours, contests, dictations, lots of things to promote, promote the Francophonie in all its forms,” said Eddy King, co-spokesperson for the event for a second consecutive year.

Honor the French-speaking “Gallic villages”

The ambassadors, singer-songwriter Alexis Normand and comedian Eddy King, are on a two-part national tour, first with a concert by the Fransaskois musician and the screening of her first short documentary Pretty French. This NFB production explores the gifts and challenges of being a Francophone in a minority situation in the Canadian Prairies and elsewhere in Canada.

Alexis Normand has planned some thirty stops in cultural centers and schools across Canada, including a stop at the Grand Théâtre de Québec on March 21 and another at HEC de Montréal the next day. At the end of her journey, she will present a closing webinar, which will reveal behind the scenes of her series of shows through an NFB video montage.

Eddy King travels across the country to promote the 10e edition of the Just for Laughs tour. “It’s a celebration for me too. I have toured with the RVF several times and it always touches me so much to meet all the Francophone communities, to have the chance to understand their reality and their challenges. Comedians like Mario Jean, Rachelle Elie and Jessica Chartrand have so far stopped in Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver, home to several French-speaking minority groups.

“Without being biased at all, it’s probably my favorite moment of the Rendez-vous, admits Eddy King. Joking aside, it inspires me a lot to see the next generation of comedians flourish, not just in Quebec, but also in French-speaking communities that aren’t as huge. Making humor in French is one of the most effective ways of transmitting the language on a daily basis and in all strata of our society. »

The Francophone mosaic in the foreground

The 2023 program also seeks to promote the cultural diversity that now characterizes the Canadian Francophonie. Quebec comedian, born in France and son of Congolese parents, Eddy King emphasizes this essential contribution of the Francophone communities of immigrant origin, of which he is a part, for the survival of the language: “It touches me as an immigrant myself to meet immigrant communities that help to support the Francophonie in several places in the country where the Francophonie is threatened. »

Eddy King has also written a virtual conference on this subject. Title Minority adult: take their place, it is accessible to all secondary schools in the country. “I talk about my journey as a member of diversity and a minority, and the tools that have helped me take my place in the world,” he explains. Through his testimony, he hopes to inspire young people to transcend their differences and express themselves fully within society.

This monologue, which he has been giving for several years in schools, was recorded during the RVF to broadcast it to a growing number of Francophiles and Francophones. By filling out a form on the RVF website, teachers can download the video, along with an educational guide on humor and self-esteem.

“Our country is so big. If we want to celebrate the Francophonie together, we have to use the Internet and social media,” says Eddy King. This is why the RVF invite the public to participate in several online contests. Internet users can in particular practice their listening and their articulation by registering for the Vire-langue contest, test their linguistic knowledge within the framework of spelling challenges Write me without mistakes! or visit the Mini-Rendez-vous youth section on the organization’s website.

International Day of La Francophonie

On March 20, Eddy King will finally host a talk on the cultural and artistic vitality of the Francophonie. New Brunswick comedian and teacher Yves Doucet, Executive Director of the Center culturel franco-manitobain, Ginette Lavack, and Alexis Normand will share their thoughts on the unifying power of Francophone art. The event, broadcast on the web, is intended for both Canadian public servants and the general public.

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