the president “addressed the forty deputies who lack for an absolute majority”




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On set, journalist Jean-Baptiste Marteau, returned, Thursday, June 23, to Emmanuel Macron’s speech the day before.

In an eight-minute speech on Wednesday June 22, Emmanuel Macron called on the opposition to “building compromises”, while the legislative elections did not allow the Head of State to obtain an absolute majority in the National Assembly. The day after Emmanuel Macron spoke, journalist Jean-Baptiste Marteau returned to the reactions of the opposition.

“Obviously, not a very very fresh welcome from all the opposition groups”noted the journalist, who believes that this is not a surprise. “Emmanuel Macron tried to reverse the pressure that weighed on his shoulders on that of the oppositions”analyzes Jean-Baptiste Marteau for whom, “It is not to the parties that Emmanuel Macron addressed himself, it is rather to the forty or so deputies who are missing for the absolute majority […]. Those who could either join his majority or at least vote for the texts he proposes to Parliament”.

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