the Polish president considers the comments of the Israeli ambassador on humanitarian workers who died in Gaza “scandalous”

Polish President Andrzej Duda described, Thursday April 4, as “scandalous” the comments of the Israeli ambassador to Poland after the Israeli strike which killed seven aid workers in Gaza, including a Pole. Andrzej Duda believes that the Israeli ambassador to Poland made remarks “unhappy, in short, scandalous” on the humanitarians killed. The Polish president also believes that the diplomat constitutes “the biggest problem for the State of Israel in its relations with Poland”. Follow our live stream.

US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak on the phone. This call must take place three days after an Israeli strike killed foreign aid workers in Gaza, further cracking relations between Washington and its ally. The last conversation between the two leaders dates back to March 18.

The Palestinians hope to join the UN. The Palestinian Authority wants a Security Council vote on April 18 on its request for full membership in the United Nations, relaunched on Tuesday, said its ambassador to the UN, Riyad Mansour. But success is unlikely, the United States having insisted that the international organization was not the place for the recognition of a Palestinian state.

The bodies of the killed humanitarian workers are in Egypt. The remains of six foreign aid workers killed in an Israeli strike arrived in Egypt on Wednesday to be repatriated to their respective countries. An Australian woman, a Pole, an American-Canadian and three Britons were killed. The Israeli army offered its mea culpa, acknowledging “a serious mistake” Who “shouldn’t have happened”.

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