the police custody of the teacher suspected of having taken out a knife in class has been lifted, he will be tried in March 2024

A teacher will be tried next March, notably for “intentional violence with weapons”. He is suspected of having pulled out a knife in front of his students in a high school in Le Havre last Saturday.

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The Claude Monet high school in Le Havre.  (GOOGLE STREET VIEW)

The custody of the teacher suspected of having pulled out a knife in class in front of his students in a high school in Le Havre has been lifted, reported Friday October 27 France Bleu Normandie (Seine Maritime – Eure). He will be tried in March 2024 for “intentional violence with weapons” and “prohibited carrying of a weapon”. The incident occurred during the history lesson of a first class on Saturday October 21, the last day of class before the school holidays.

This 52-year-old teacher mentioned the attack against Dominique Bernard in Arras, but also that of Charlie Hebdo, and the assassination of Samuel Paty. According to information from France Bleu Normandie, the teacher took out a small knife, Opinel type, while explaining to the students that he was not afraid to use it if he was threatened, before folding it and putting it away. tidy. The students then notified the high school management who immediately received the teacher and alerted the rectorate who made a report to the Le Havre public prosecutor’s office.

Thursday October 26, his lawyer explained that his client “was in great psychological suffering as a teacher for some time, with impacts on his physical health”. Did the teacher take out his Opinel blade in the middle of class? The Le Havre prosecutor, Bruno Dieudonné, recognizes that“there is debate”between the students who say they saw him unfold the knife and the teacher who disputes “formally” having done so, as his lawyer specifies. “The professor admits to having behaved inappropriately but formally denies having brandished or taken out the blade of any knife whatsoever”declared Thursday Me Antoine Siffert.

The qualification of threats against students not accepted

Investigators heard from six students in the class, “the others did not wish to be auditioned”, specifies the public prosecutor of Le Havre. The parents of four of these six students decided to file a complaint against the history and geography teacher. The prosecution ultimately did not accept the qualification of threats against the students.

The teacher should be placed under judicial supervision, with an obligation of care, a ban on practicing at least until the hearing, a ban on appearing at the high school and obviously a ban on coming into contact with his students. The history and geography professor was placed on long-term sick leave for one year, according to Me Antoine Siffert. The trial will take place on March 29, 2024, before the Le Havre Criminal Court.

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