the poignant testimony of Adeline Toniutti (Star Academy), victim of domestic violence

Adeline Tonuiti could have lost her life there. The singer with flamboyant hair has come a long way. Victims of domestic violence by her ex-partner, she tells how she managed to get out of it.

Revealed to the general French public during her participation within the Star Academy faculty
in 2022, his life hasn’t always been simple.

In a work entitled Incandescent forever published by Editions du Rocher, Adeline recounts the tragedies she experienced.

Rain of blows and insults: she gets through it thanks to a friend

While she meets her friend in a café, the latter will utter a sentence which will act as a trigger for Adeline Tonuitti. “She said to me: ‘You’re not okay… He’s hitting you. And believe me, you don’t want that person to take care of you if you become sick and dependent on someone.'” she explains in her book.

Following this, Adeline Toniutti decides to talk to her parents about it, for the first time. Supported by loved oness, she had the courage to file a complaint but there was no trial. She states in her work that86% of complaints for domestic violence are not followed up.

Fear, this feeling that remains

“Fear stays with us for a long time” explains Adeline Toniutti. She testified publicly for the first time in “Sept à Huit” in January 2023 and even more recently opposite Faustine Bollaert in “It Begins Today”.

During her first TV testimony, Adeline Toniutti admits: “IHe didn’t want to do it but my manager insisted, explaining that it could help other victims. But on the day of the broadcast, I was lying on the ground, crying, thinking my ex was going to come and shoot me in the head. I called the mayor of my village for fear that he would attack my parents.

Today, she wants to use her notoriety to help victims. “If through television, books or this show I can help women but also men or children who are victims of violence, that’s great. Things are moving forward !” she concludes.

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