the Phoenix houses at the end?




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J. Bigard, O. Longueval, D. Brignand, A. Lepinay, V. Llado, P. Miette – France 2

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In the 1980s, Phénix houses made it possible to afford a house without too much means. The group Geoxiaowner of the brand, has just been placed in receivership. The Covid crisis and the explosion of raw materials have weakened the company.

It was to be the culmination of a dream, the project of a lifetime for Sylvie Bertin.
The builder of its small pavilion, Maisons Phénix, is placed in receivership. So hundreds of construction sites in France are slowed down or stopped. Sylvie Bertin is already repaying her credit of 240,000 euros, but she does not yet know when she will be able to move in. Phoenix houses is nevertheless one of the giants of the sector, a symbol of access to property in the 1980s.

The new sector has suffered since the Covid, with -33% of homes for sale compared to 2018 according to developers. Geoxiabrand owner groupIexplained by these reasons:the increase in the cost of raw materials, the crazy inflation of energy prices and the economic effects of the war in Ukraine“. These difficulties could weaken other players in the sector.

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