The oppositions denounce the improvisation of the Caquist government

After François Legault’s press briefing on Wednesday evening, the oppositions in turn denounced the government’s “improvised” strategy.

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“We must see the truth in the face, François Legault is overwhelmed by the situation,” said Dominique Anglade in a press release Wednesday evening. “Like you, I was flabbergasted to see the improvisation of the Caquista government. Many of us are looking at other jurisdictions to be more efficient at injecting the 3rd dose, distributing rapid tests and processing PCR tests. ”

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, for his part, denounces the absence of a plan to provide the protective equipment requested by caregivers. “The caregivers want to work in safety, they ask for N95 masks and the reinstatement of the system of” zones “. Their pleas for help have once again gone unanswered. Thanks are not enough. They need a government that listens to their demands, ”shared the head of Quebec Solidaire.

As for the Parti Québécois, the parliamentary leader of the formation Joël Arseneau commented on the event with a series of additional questions.

“Have the polls commissioned by the government and the consultation of CAQ deputies had an impact on today’s decisions? When are the school ventilation issues expected to be resolved? Will the government table public health opinions justifying its decisions? Can we put an end to the spalling of measures before the official announcements and all the anxiety aroused? When will rapid tests be universally accessible? Are we going to publish the projections on the room for maneuver in hospitals that the government says it has? ” can we read in a row of tweets.

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