the opponent’s relatives accuse the Russian authorities of “doing everything to avoid having to hand over” the remains

The entourage demands that the body of the Russian opponent be handed over to them “immediately”.


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A photo in tribute to Alexeï Navalny, February 17, 2024 in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique).  (ESTELLE RUIZ / AFP)

Where is Alexei Navalny’s body? Relatives of theRussian opponent asked on Saturday February 17 that his remains be handed over to them “immediately”. “An employee of the colony [pénitentiaire] said the body was in Salekhard”, an Arctic town where the prison is located. He would have been taken there by “investigators” For “perform ‘research'”explained the opponent’s spokesperson, Kira Iarmich.

A few minutes later, she added that “Alexei’s lawyer and his mother arrived at the morgue” et that“it was closed, while the colony (penitentiary) had assured that it was functioning and that Navalny’s body was there. The lawyer called the phone number on the door. He was told that he was the seventh to call today and that Alexei’s body was not in the morgue.”underlined Kira Iarmich.

“It is obvious that they are lying and doing everything possible to avoid having to hand over the body,” she added. Onshe accuses Russian investigators “do everything so as not to have to postpone”. “The causes of death are being established”for its part affirmed the prison administration.

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