The “open” couple of the CAQ

“Let the federal government mind its own business!”

This is what Justice Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette said when asked what he thought of the English-Montreal school board’s decision to challenge the State Secularism Act with the federal money.

Admit that it was nice to hear!

Especially since it “came from his depths”.

Finally the CAQ is shocked! The CAQ showing its teeth!

Instead of acting like a pitiful fool in front of Ottawa, with a floppy hat in his hands and big tears in his eyes, like a puss in boots!


Now that Mr. Jolin-Barrette has put the federal government in its place, what’s next?

What will the consequences be if Ottawa continues to meddle in our affairs?

Um… Well… Anyway…

This is the Achilles heel of the Legault government.

He gets angry, then…


  • Listen to the political column with Jean-François Lisée via QUB :

“Calvary box, sticks in the air, but from behind, we take our hole”, as Ferland sang.

We make our Boubou.

“Quebec is and will be a distinct society, a society that will make its own choices,” said the Minister of Justice, quoting the famous speech that Robert Bourassa gave the day after Meech’s death.

It’s very beautiful.

Except that the full sentence of Mr. Bourassa’s speech is: “A distinct society, FREE and capable of ASSURING ITS DESTINY…”

Why did Mr. Jolin-Barrette obscure these few words? Had he forgotten them?

Maybe, it can.

But it is also possible that he did not say them, because these words sounded a little too much like a sovereignist threat, which would have angered his boss, François Legault.

Because at the CAQ, we get angry, but we never brandish the sovereignist stick to scare the federal adversary.

When we use the R-word (referendum), we always make sure that it is followed by the word “sectoral” so as not to scare away the federalists who took refuge under the skirts of the CAQ when the PLQ collapsed .

After all, we are nationalists at the CAQ.

Not separatist!

Screenshot, TVA News


In fact, what the CAQ wants is to be “an independent Quebec in a united Canada”.

Have all the powers, enjoy our complete and complete freedom, without divorcing ourselves from Canada.

It reminds me of a friend of mine who had the “brilliant” idea to try the “open” couple with his wife.

He wanted to have all the advantages of marriage (security, stability, the guarantee of never being alone, two salaries), without its disadvantages (monogamy, fidelity, accountability).

And all the advantages of being single (the olé olé life, sleeping with whoever you want, freedom), without its disadvantages (loneliness, coming back empty-handed from the bar at three in the morning).

“The best of both worlds!” he told me, all smiles.

As a couple BUT independent!

It lasted two months.

He realized that the “open” couple looks great on paper, but it doesn’t work in practice.

It always ends up cracking.

This is what the Legault government is proposing: an “open” couple with Canada.

Together, but not together.

We will each “respect” the freedom of “the other”.

Good luck, fellow CAQ players!

If you want, I will give you my friend’s phone number, you can talk to him.

He is separated.

And happy as ever.


On April 6, the Minister of Heritage wanted to mark World Asexuality Day.

Do you find it strange that we dedicate an “International Day” to this cause? You didn’t see anything.

Here is a small list of some official “International Days”…

  • February 10: International Arabian Leopard Day and International Pulses Day
  • 1er March: World Seagrass Day
  • March 10: World Day of Women Judges
  • April 5: International Day of Conscience
  • April 25: International Delegates Day
  • May 2: World Tuna Day
  • 21st of June: International Yoga Day
  • June 23: International Widows Day
  • July 12: International Day for Combating Sandstorms
  • October 7: World Cotton Day
  • October 11: International Day of the Girl
  • October 15: International Day of Rural Women
  • November 19: World Toilet Day
  • 21 November: World Philosophy Day
  • December 4: International Banking Day
  • December 11: International Mountain Day
  • December 21: World Basketball Day


According to the League of Rights and Freedoms, Law 21 is racist and sexist.

How is this law racist? A religion is not a race given to us at birth, but an idea to which we are free to subscribe or not!

As for the second accusation: which is more sexist? A law that prevents teachers from wearing a religious sign at work, or a concept of religion that says all women and girls must wear a veil and hide their bodies?


Bloc member Louis Plamondon is the longest-serving federal MP in the House of Commons. He has been there for 39 years.

He is against Ottawa. Against…

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