the national nurses’ union wants the maintenance of the vaccination obligation for caregivers and describes the decision of the HAS as “drift”

The union therefore believes that the opinion of the HAS issued Thursday “undermines its credibility and independence”.

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Vaccination of a caregiver in Annonay in Ardèche in 2020 (photo illustration).  (BASTIEN DOUDAINE / HANS LUCAS)

The day after the opinion issued by the HAS recommending the end of the vaccination obligation for health professionals, the SNPI (national union of nursing professionals) denounced this decision on Friday March 31 in a press release and spoke of “derivative” of the High Authority for Health.

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According to the SNPI, “HAS’ primary mission is to improve the quality of care and patient safety, not to play politics”. The union therefore considers that the opinion of the HAS issued on Thursday “damages credibility and independence”. In its press release, the union hopes that “the obligation to vaccinate caregivers against Covid-19” either “maintained” and even talks about“ethical imperative”.

The SNPI, opposed to this end of compulsory vaccination, adds that“As healthcare professionals, caregivers have a duty to their patients to do everything in their power to protect them against disease and infection. Vaccination is one of the most effective ways to prevent transmission of infectious diseases, including COVID-19.”

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