The Movie Critic | Quentin Tarantino abandons his film project

Disappointment for admirers of Quentin Tarantino: the American director abandoned his film project The Movie Criticwhich was to mark his third collaboration with actor Brad Pitt.

This is what the magazine revealed on Thursday Deadlinespecifying that Quentin Tarantino simply “changed his mind”.

This film was to be his tenth (counting the two volumes of Kill Bill), but also his last: Tarantino has often said that he would end his career after directing 10 films. Always according to Deadlinethe director of pulp Fiction chose to return to the drawing room to determine what this famous last film will be.

As recently as February, the American media announced that Brad Pitt would be the main star of The Movie Critiche who played the leading roles in Inglourious Basterds And Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. The Movie Critic was to tell the story of a man who wrote film reviews for a pornographic magazine in the late 1970s. Filming was to begin this year.

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