the mayor’s revolt against the state over green algae

The mayor of the town of Assérac, in Loire-Atlantique, says he is revolted by the lack of financial response from the State on the question of green algae. For almost two years, Joseph David has been asking for financial aid to clean up the algae that accumulates on his beaches in the spring and during the summer. These operations, carried out by the technical services, cost, depending on the year, between 20,000 and 40,000 euros to this town of 1800 inhabitants.

“Forced to manage by ourselves”

The mayor is all the more angry as other coastal municipalities will receive compensation for the visual discomfort of offshore wind turbines. “We have a gene visual, olfactory and dangerous for health” explains Joseph David. The mayor of Assérac continues: “We are forced to manage on our own, and that revolts me a little bit. I would like us, the small municipalities, to be looked at and considered like the others”.

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