the mayor of La Baule receives an anonymous letter with photos of the decapitated head of Samuel Paty and the Bataclan

“It could be in La Baule”, is the threat addressed to Franck Louvrier in an anonymous letter received in early May. The mail was accompanied by photos of the decapitated head of Samuel Paty, the professor assassinated in October 2020, and photos of the Baaclan attacks

During the municipal council on Friday May 26, 2023, Franck Louvrier, the LR mayor of La Baule, announced that he had received death threats by mail.

“The climate of the moment, marked by tensions, threats, pressure, and even sometimes violence against local elected officials, forces me once again to react”, announced Franck Louvrier at the opening of the municipal council.

Franck Louvrier, refers in particular to the death threats received by the mayor of Saint-Brévin, Yannick Morez who ended up resigning.

The mayor of La Baule specified having received at the beginning of May “threats under anonymity which resulted in photos of the decapitated head of Samuel Paty, by another of the Bataclan massacre, emphasizing that it could be in La Baule”.

Some might consider it insignificant, but I believe that, in the current climate, it is my duty to tell you about it”

Franck Laborer

Mayor LR of La Baule

The Nantes judicial police have been seized of the investigation, said the mayor of La Baule.

The opposition brought, during the municipal council, its support to the city councilor from La Baule

“Threats against an elected official are morally intolerable, criminally punishable and incomprehensible in a democratic society of which the elected official is the representative”, said Laetitia English, of the group Avenir.

For Jean-Yves Gontier, of the second opposition group, these threats are “inadmissible”.

The tricolor scarf does not protect more than the white blouse or the uniform. We were within range of slaps, as we commonly said, we are within range of violent and even criminal acts” continued Franck Louvrier, these are unacceptable methods that aim to win the case through terror, brutality”further lamented the mayor of La Baule.

Our local elected officials are the last landmarks of a society that is increasingly adrift

Franck Laborer

Mayor LR of La Baule

On Wednesday March 22, 2023, in the early morning, two vehicles parked in front of the home of the mayor of Saint-Brevin-les-Pins were set on fire. The fire had spread to part of the house. Fortunately, witnesses were at the door of Yannick Morez’s home, saving him and his family from possible poisoning by the fumes.

Quickly, the elected official had suspected the far right of having lit this fire, his decision to support the move of the CADA, present in his town, to another district, having provoked some reactions, in particular on the far right.

This CADA (reception center for asylum seekers) has existed in Saint-Brevin-les-Pins since 2016. It had been installed by the State in an EDF holiday center to accommodate people arriving from Calais where, what was called “the jungle” was dismantled.

On February 11, 2022, Hervé Neau, the mayor of Rezé, near Nantes, was found hanged in his office. He had received several malicious anonymous emails. The Nantes prosecutor’s office had opened an investigation for “moral harassment” two weeks later.

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