The manufacturer of Caddy supermarket trolleys placed in receivership

The company based in Dettwiller (Bas-Rhin) employs 110 employees and has been operating slowly for several months.



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The factory of the Caddy trolley company, March 5, 2012, in Drusenheim (Bas-Rhin).  (FREDERICK FLORIN / AFP)

This is the fourth time since 2012. The famous manufacturer of Caddy trolleys, taken over in 2022 by the Cochez group, was placed in receivership by the commercial chamber of the Saverne judicial court (Bas-Rhin), Tuesday May 28, AFP learned from the lawyer of the social and economic committee (CSE).

The Dettwiller (Bas-Rhin) company, which employs 110 employees and has been idling for several months, was placed under observation until July 2, the date on which the justice system will take stock again, the press was told. Pierre Dulmet following a closed-door hearing lasting less than an hour. Present, the boss of the Cochez group, Pascal Cochez, did not wish to speak.

According to the CSE lawyer, Pierre Dulmet, Caddy presents a debt “known” of approximately “700 000 euros” unpaid debts to Urssaf, without being able to specify “the cause of recovery”. He pointed to the transfer “annoying” from the manufacture of suitcase racks for airports or hotels, a few years ago, to the Polish Damix, which bought the Alsatian company in 2018. Cochez, who took over Caddy four years later, “has undergone this transfer, he has nothing to do with it”noted Pierre Dulmet to AFP.

This activity would be “profitable”and relaunching it would be a “interesting track”estimates the lawyer, who emphasizes that today, Caddy “only produces supermarket trolleys with low added value” on a market “hyper-competitive”. “Caddy can do it” but “we have to start from zero” And “put money” on the table, believes the CSE representative. “We have a month to try to find lasting solutions”he told reporters at the hearing on Tuesday.

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