the management of the military academy will report a new case to the courts

“L’Œil du 8 p.m.” revealed that an officer was accused of having wanted to forcibly kiss a student during a ceremony organized in July 2023.



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The building of the Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan military academy (Morbihan), September 23, 2021. (MARTIN BERTRAND / HANS LUCAS / AFP)

The Saint-Cyr military academy will make a report to the Rennes public prosecutor’s office after the revelations by “L’Œil du 20 Heures” of the existence of a new accusation of sexual assault within the establishment, announces the school management, Thursday April 18. This report concerns an assault allegedly committed by an officer on a student in July 2023. The facts allegedly took place during the Triumph ceremony, an event during which student officers christen their promotion.

In the France 2 investigation, a member of the school testified anonymously about this affair: “An officer pinned a student against the wall to forcefully kiss her. She managed to escape to report directly to her section chief”. The latter would then have dissuaded the young woman from speaking, relates the witness.

Saint-Cyr specifies that he wants to write to the public prosecutor of Rennes under article 40 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which requires any authority with knowledge of a crime or misdemeanor to report it to the courts. Requested by France 2, the Rennes public prosecutor’s office could not immediately be contacted.

“Things are getting worse”

Before this report, the Saint-Cyr military academy had already informed the courts of acts of a sexual nature which would have taken place at the school during the second semester of 2023, according to information from “L’Œil du 20 Heures”. Three judicial investigations were opened last November.

In recent months, at Saint-Cyr, some students have reported a difficult climate. “Since the fall, things have deteriorated considerably for the women of the battalion”affirms a written testimony received by “L’Œil du 20 Heures”. Out of 18 girls, two are on sick leave, one tried to end her life and two others experienced sexual assault.” Contacted by France 2, the Ministry of the Armed Forces ensures that it has discovered “serious facts” and calls on victims and witnesses to speak out.

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