the majority is thinking about the best strategy for examining the finance bill

The examination of the budget will begin in a few weeks in the National Assembly. The presidential majority is already thinking about the management of this text, this is the information in the brief.

The Prime Minister begins to test the waters during the month of September. During his meetings with opposition leaders, “she asked us if it would be possible to organize the debates a little, so that we would have time to examine each point of the budget”, confide representatives of Nupes. Translation: “without spending hours and hours on a single article with a battle of amendments”. Élisabeth Borne takes the temperature to see if a debate that doesn’t turn into a free-for-all is possible… or if it’s a wasted effort.

>> Budget 2024: “Probable that the government will be obliged to activate 49.3”, recognizes Yaël Braun Pivet

Finding a peaceful mode of operation is not easy. “Elisabeth Borne’s idea would work with reasonable opposition but I don’t believe in it here”, explains a member of the majority. This elected official, not very optimistic, adds: “we already know that they are going to ask for a debate, while saying that it is useless because there will be 49.3s, and calling us names.”

When to trigger 49.3?

Passage through 49.3 is acquired. Impossible to do otherwise in relative majority. Moreover, this year Élisabeth Borne is not pretending to believe that there is a way of passage. The end of the story is known. Like last year there will be around ten 49.3s, at each stage of the budget. The only question left unanswered is “when?” The strategy is still not decided by the majority. On the one hand, there are the supporters of “hold as long as possible without 49.3″, just to show that parliament is not muzzled, that everyone can assert their differences. On the other hand, there are those who do not want to relive the “Chinese torture” of last year.

Élisabeth Borne only drew the first 49.3 after seven days of discussions while the opposition inflicted setback after setback on the government. The Assembly had voted against his opinion an exceptional taxation of superdividends for example. The majority deputies came out exhausted. “You should not activate 49.3 too early, judges a leader, but not too late either”. The balance will therefore be difficult to find.

Whether or not to go to the march against police violence

The Socialist Party will decide on Tuesday evening, September 19, whether or not it will participate in the march against police violence planned for Saturday. A demonstration called by NGOs, unions and political parties like LFI and EELV. “Either we go there with our own slogans, or we don’t go there”, explains a socialist deputy, rather in favor of not going there. The reason for this reluctance? The rebels who refused to call for calm during the riots. The communists have already decided: it will be without them. Fabien Roussel said it last week on franceinfo, he refuses to participate in a demonstration where people chant “everyone hates the police”.

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