the main leaders of mass distribution refuse the sale at a loss proposed by the government

The government is considering authorizing the sale of fuel at a loss to counter the increase in prices at the pump. A measure not necessarily well received by players in the sector.

The government’s proposal is a flop. The main retail brands announced on Wednesday September 20 that they refused to sell at a loss fuel, as proposed by the government. The ban “Reselling at a loss has been a very important principle of commerce since 1963”estimated the CEO of Carrefour, Alexandre Bompard, during a hearing before the Economic Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, adding that“we must not open this Pandora’s box”.

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“The economic reality is that we are not going to use this possibility”assured the president of the Les Mousquetaires group (Intermarché, Netto), Thierry Cotillard, about the loss-making resale of fuel. “If we do that, we will increase the price of pasta, we are not completely crazy”, he added. The representatives of E. Leclerc and Système U also rejected the request. Dominique Schelcher, CEO of Système U, indicated that he did not foresee “to massively carry out sales operations at a loss”.

Despite reluctance, the government “maintains” this project, assured Wednesday on Sud Radio, the Minister of Public Accounts Thomas Cazenave. This possibility “is not an obligation”recalled the minister. “What we want is to allow those who can do it to do it, punch operations, capping, and for those who want, selling at a loss”he detailed.

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