The Lyon-Turin tunnel, the Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed Ben Salman in France, Elon Musk at the Vivatech fair in Paris….

Around Olivier de Lagarde, the informed discuss the news of Friday June 16, 2023.

The themes :

The Lyon-Turin rail link : a solution or an ecological heresy?

Mohammad Ben Salman in France : should we be indignant at the meeting between Macron and the Saudi crown prince?

Elon Musk at Vivatech in Paris : should we roll out the red carpet for the boss of Tesla and Space X?

France-Algeria relations : a decree from the Algerian president reinstated an anti-French couplet in the national anthem. It will now be played in all official ceremonies. Why do Franco-Algerian relations remain so tense?

The informed:

Beatrice Mathieueditor-in-chief at L’Express, co-author with Emmanuel Botta of “Elon Musk, the unpublished investigation” published by Robert Laffont

Veronique Reille-Soultpresident of Backbone Consulting, lecturer in crisis communication at Sciences Po, author of “The Ultimate Power, the hidden face of social networks”, published by Cerf

Frank Dedieudeputy editorial director of Marianne

Marie-Virginie Kleinspecialist in political communication, founder of the Iconic agency, author of “Women in Leadership”, at Plon

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