The Liberals and the NDP agreed on a drug insurance project

The Liberals and New Democrats finally agreed on a drug insurance plan. The NDP confirmed Duty that an agreement has been reached for a bill that will establish the basis for universal, single-payer drug insurance.

This program will also cover contraceptives and medications for the treatment of diabetes. A few other details still need to be finalized.

New Democratic leader Jagmeet Singh also confirmed the news during an interview to be broadcast this Sunday on the CBC network.

The agreement comes one week before the deadline offered to the Liberals to present a universal drug insurance program. Without an agreement, Jagmeet Singh threatened to tear up his agreement, which allows the minority Liberals to keep power until 2025.

“If you miss the deadline of 1er March, then you will have broken our agreement. […] You will no longer be able to count on our support for any bills or votes in the future,” warned Mr. Singh when calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier this week.

The agreement between the Liberal Party of Canada (PLC) and the NDP should therefore last until 2025.

The “support and confidence” agreement provided for the adoption of a law on drug insurance by the end of 2023, but the NDP had agreed to extend the deadline to 1er March 2024.

More details will follow.

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