the Jewish state wants to continue its operation in Gaza at all costs

IDF persists in Gaza. The Israeli army assured Sunday evening that Iran’s unprecedented attack against its territory the day before would not distract it from its objectives in the Palestinian enclave. “Even when we were attacked by Iran, we did not lose sight, not for a single moment, of our essential mission in Gaza, which is to save our hostages from the hands of Hamas, Iran’s proxy.”, said Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, spokesperson for the Israeli army, on Sunday evening. Two brigades will be sent “in the coming days”, he announced, while 133 people remain presumed hostages in the Gaza Strip. Follow our live stream.

Reopening of schools in Israel. The army also announced the reopening on Monday, in most of the country, of schools which had been closed for security reasons on Saturday in the face of threats from Iran. Some “restrictions” nevertheless remain in areas close to Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, where rocket fire is still frequent.

The G7 affirms its “full support” for the Jewish state. The leaders of the G7 countries said they were ready on Sunday “to take action” against Tehran “in response to new destabilization initiatives”. “We express our solidarity and full support for Israel and its people, and we reaffirm our commitment to their security,” they said in the joint statement released following a videoconference meeting convened by the presidency Italian. All parties must exercise restraint (…). Ending the crisis in Gaza as quickly as possible, including through an immediate ceasefire, will make the difference.”for his part declared on Charles Michel, President of the European Council.

Israel and Iran accuse each other of destabilization. Representatives of the two countries clashed at the UN on Sunday, each considering the other to be the main threat to peace in the Middle East. “The mask has fallen. Iran, the world’s leading supporter of terrorism, has exposed its true face as a destabilizer of the region and the world”, launched Israeli Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan during an emergency meeting of the Security Council. For Tehran, Israel crossed a red line by striking its consulate and the residence of its ambassador in Damascus (Syria) on April 1, killing sixteen people, including two generals of the Islamic regime.

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