The hashtag #MeTooGarçons, launched by actor Aurélien Wiik, emerges on social networks

“I was abused by my agent,” testifies the actor on Instagram. “I sent him to prison. It’s possible,” he wrote again, calling on the victims to file a complaint.



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Actor Aurélien Wiik, at the Cannes Film Festival, May 20, 2014. (LOIC VENANCE / AFP)

A testimony accompanied by the photo of a boy, with a mustache drawn in pencil. Thursday February 22, on the eve of the 2024 César Awards, actor Aurélien Wiik launched the hashtag #MeTooGarçons on Instagram, sharing his experience in the cinema industry. The actor of the series Munch and of All this I will give to you, now 43 years old, says he was abused by his agent when he was a minor. Aurélien Wiik is calling today “boys and girls” has “talk” And “to act” by filing a complaint.

In his Instagram story, Aurélien Wiik opens up. “I was 11 years old. From when I was 11 to when I was 15. I was abused by my agent and other members of my entourage. I filed a complaint when I was 16 because he was doing it to others “says the actor, evoking “attacks”of “harassment” and “attempted rape”. At the trial, “we were several kids”, he continues. Aurélien Wiik’s agent was sentenced to five years in prison. “I sent him to prison […] It’s possible”testifies the actor, for whom “recognition of victim status is important”. “It helps to rebuild”he explains.

“Encourage others”

“The movie boys wake up” warns Aurélien Wiik. “Your turn will come. You know who you are”he says to those who take advantage of their status in the cinema industry to abuse young actors, before encouraging victims to speak out with #MeTooGarçons and to take action by filing a complaint.

“If I have experienced these stories in this profession, it is because many others have experienced them.”

Aurélien Wiik, actor

on Instagram

The actor also testifies to booby-trapped dinners organized by old people with several minors” or even role proposals “in exchange for favors”. Contacted by The Parisianthe actor claims to be in the process of gathering other testimonies before speaking more fully. “I spoke out on the networks to encourage others to report their stories”he explains.

So to collect and list these testimonies, casting director Stéphane Gaillard created the address [email protected]. “The boys from the cinema are talking. If you have been a victim, I have just created an email address where you can tell your story in absolute anonymity. I will read you and respond to you”he also wrote on Instagram.

“Continue to express yourself”

On social networks, testimonies in reaction to Aurélien Wiik’s speech did not take long to rain in. And they are not limited to the world of cinema. I finally filed a complaint against the woman who raped me for 4 years when I was little. Yes, women too” ; It was last year, I woke up with fingers inside me […] Since then I’ve been really afraid of sleeping with someone.” ; “It happened to me when I was 18 with my ex-boyfriend, I was in PACES and I’m still traumatized by it”recount dozens of accounts, anonymous or not, with the hashtag #MeTooGarçons, on the social network.

And personalities are also speaking. “We cannot heal not from having been a victim, but we can repair ourselves, slowly, and even become a deputy. I was abused when I was 3 to 4 years old by a predator, who has since died, so without any possibility of justice.”reports MP Andy Kerbrat, elected from La France insoumise in the 2nd constituency of Loire-Atlantique. People believe you and love you (which I did thanks to my parents). You will achieve great things so keep expressing yourself. If you can, go to court.”he encourages.

Messages of support for male victims of abuse who speak out are very numerous, from other men and women. All my support to those who testify with the #MeTooBoysI believe you”writes the activist Marie Coquille-Chambel, at the origin of #MeTooTheatre, on X. But if tongues are loosened for some, many mouths remain sealed. Obviously not ready to talk about it but #MeTooBoys. Glad the movement is underway.”some men discreetly testify faced with difficulty speaking of the violence they may have suffered.

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