The great debate at the canceled Agricultural Show, two years of the war in Ukraine, the Caesars at a time of sexual violence… Franceinfo news from Friday February 23, 2024

Around Bérengère Bonte, those informed debate the news of Friday February 23, 2024.


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Informed on Friday February 23, 2023. (FRANCEINFO / RADIO FRANCE)

The themes :

Emmanuel Macron cancels his big debate at the Salon de l’Agriculture. The day after his proposal, the president finally gave up on his idea of ​​a debate with all the players in the sector. The unions denounced in particular the invitation of the Earth Uprisings.

Ukraine, two years after the start of the war. How do Ukrainians live there? And the soldiers? What is the situation on the front for the army, while Russia is also waging a fierce communications war.

The Caesars at Metoo time. The French cinema ceremony is being held in the midst of the freedom of speech movement, and in particular after the testimony of actress Judith Godrèche. The Minister of Culture Rachida Dati denounces a “collective blindness”.

The informed:

Hamdam Mostafavideputy editorial director of The Express

Véronique Reille-Soultpresident of Backbone Consulting, lecturer in crisis communications at Sciences Po, author of Ultimate Power, the hidden face of social networkspublished by CERF

Quentin Calmet, political journalist and parliamentarian at Public Senate

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