The government’s economic puzzle, immigration at the heart of the European election campaign… Those informed on the morning of Friday April 12, 2024

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Those informed on the morning of Friday April 12, 2024 (FRANCEINFO / RADIO FRANCE)

The themes :

How can the government restore confidence on the front lines economic ? It forecasts a deficit of 5.1% in 2024. That is to say 10 billion savings to be found this year which are added to the 10 billion credits already canceled in February and the 20 billion already planned for 2025. However, the bad news is increasing. accumulate with the return of rising prices at the pump. The 40 million motorists association is calling for the price of gasoline to be capped at 1.50 euros while the price of unleaded is around 1.90 euros per liter.

Will immigration remain at the heart of the European campaign? Yesterday, the Constitutional Council buried the Republicans’ shared initiative referendum project on immigration. It’s a hard blow for LR. This referendum project was to support François-Xavier Bellamy’s campaign. Allow him to be audible against Jordan Bardella’s RN.

The guests

Julie Marie-Lecomtehead of the political department of franceinfo

Etienne Girardcompany editor-in-chief at L’Express

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