the government unveils a plan against violence against caregivers


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Caregivers are increasingly subjected to violence from their patients. To stop this phenomenon, the government has unveiled a plan, which aims above all to further punish these attacks.

Dr Arnaud Saada, general practitioner, is one of these doctors who was the victim of an attack during a consultation. “This is a gentleman who wanted a leave of absence from work for two weeks, for a reason which was not at all suitable for this duration.“, he said, before explaining that the man then got up and threatened him, saying: “It will be two weeks doctor, otherwise you will see.

20,000 reports received in 2022

Last year, incidents of violence against caregivers increased by 23%. In total, nearly 20,000 reports were received. Almost half concern nurses. The government has just unveiled a plan which aims for zero tolerance thanks to several measures: the installation of alert buttons in practices and surveillance cameras, improving the flow of patients in waiting rooms to avoid tensions, and the creation of an offense of contempt of caregiver with appropriate sanctions. A major campaign will be launched at the beginning of 2024 to alert patients to violence against caregivers.

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