The government sets the cost of posting books at a minimum of 3 euros

In order to encourage consumers to go to a bookstore rather than order onlinethe government plans to raise the floor by 0.01 euro to 3 euros for book orders up to 35 euros.

This decision stems from the law of December 30, 2021 aimed at protecting independent bookstores, which are still numerous in France, against the giants of e-commerce. Since 2014, shipping costs could not be free but Amazon, followed by other groups such as Fnac, limited them to 0.01 euro.

Protect independent bookstores

The price of 3.00 euros is the result of negotiations between these two ministries and the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications, Posts and Press Distribution (Arcep). “Arcep’s proposal strikes a balance between achieving the objective set by the legislator and preserving the book market”, can we read in the joint press release from the Ministries of Finance and Culture.

“The price of 3 euros, commonly applied for the delivery of other products, does not appear to be a deterrent for buyers and the threshold of 35 euros favors the grouping of orders, a virtuous gesture in terms of ecological transition”, add the ministers.

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