The government plans to double medical deductibles from the end of March

The new amounts must come into force at the end of March for the franchise part and “by the beginning of June” for the rest, according to the government.



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A pharmacy near Poitiers (Vienne), September 29, 2023. (JEAN-FRANCOIS FORT / HANS LUCAS / AFP)

The government has launched the process of doubling franchises on boxes of medicines, paramedical procedures, medical transport, consultations and biology examinations. It will be effective from the end of March, announced the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Labor, Health and Solidarity on Monday January 22. “The new amounts of franchises and fixed contributions should come into force” end of March for the franchise part, and “by the beginning of June” for the rest.

Deductibles will be doubled to 1 euro on boxes of medicine and paramedical procedures. The flat-rate contributions will increase to 2 euros for doctors’ procedures and consultations, medical biology examinations and analyses, and the excess to 4 euros for medical transport. The annual ceiling set at 50 euros for people suffering from a serious pathology “is maintained”add the ministries.

Deductibles and fixed contributions are not applicable “to minors, to women who benefit from maternity insurance” And “to beneficiaries of complementary solidarity health insurance”they recall.

A measure discussed for several months

The government is thus formalizing a measure discussed since the fall, but widely criticized by opposition parties and patient associations. During his press conference at the Elysée on January 16, Emmanuel Macron defended a doubling of medical deductibles. “To say that we are going to go from 0.50 to one euro” per box of medicines, “I don’t have the feeling that we [fasse] a terrible crime”, declared the head of state. “I think it creates responsibility and is a good measure. (…) We need to take responsibility for consumption.” The measure should bring in 800 million euros, according to government estimates.

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