The future is not happy

Last week, my 24-year-old stepdaughter was attacked on the subway. Hit in the face by a stranger. Gratuitous violence, sneaky violence, omnipresent violence.

It left him with a spectacular black eye.

More and more, I have the impression that society as a whole is suffering from a black eye. I feel like I’m living in the song by Montrealer Leonard Cohen: The Future. I feel like the world has lost its compass.

A world of zombies

Every day on my way to work at QUB, on Avenue du Parc, I pass groups of indigenous homeless people, their eyes glassy, ​​intoxicated, who stagger around, reaching out to motorists, risking being hit at any moment.

In front of Émilie-Gamelin Park, I come across women in crisis, who prostitute themselves in the parking lot where I park my car, on the ground littered with syringes. Human feces adorn the wall.

In QUB, after stepping over a homeless man sleeping in front of the door, I interview a director who in her documentary relates the case of six-year-old children addicted to porn or adults so addicted to violent sexual images that They develop erectile dysfunction.

Or I speak with an endocrinologist about this Ontario man, with a penis, who wants to have a vagina “built”, paid for by the State, because he considers himself non-binary.

Or I speak with a columnist about this report from Newspaper about six-year-olds being bullied, called “fat pigs” by other six-year-olds.

Or I’m talking about this photo of Shani Louk, an Israeli hostage with a dislocated body, raped and then thrown into the back of a Hamas terrorist truck. A photo that has just won an award of excellence. A photo that could only have been taken if the photographer was with the terrorists during the massacre of October 7, 2023.

Or I’m talking about this photo of Yazan Kafarneh, 10 years old, who died of malnutrition in Rafah.

So all day long I think about The Futurethe title song from Leonard Cohen’s album…

“Things are going to slide in all directions

There will be nothing more

that you can measure.

There will be a break from the old Western code

Your private life will suddenly explode

There will be ghosts, there will be fires on the road

And the white man dancing

You will see your wife hanging upside down

Her features covered by her overturned dress.

“Give me back the Berlin Wall

Give me Stalin and Saint Paul

Give me Christ

Or give me Hiroshima

Destroy another fetus now

We don’t like children anyway.”

‘Give me crack and anal sex

Take the only tree left

And shove it in the hole

Of your culture.

Do you know what my daughter-in-law told me? Regularly, in the metro, she sees people taking crack.

Clockwork Orange

Leonard Cohen is not the happiest of singer-songwriters. But he had a premonitory gift. This song was written 32 years ago.

In The Futureits conclusion is trying: “I have seen the future, brother: it is murder”.

“I have seen the future, brother. It’s murder.”

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