the French Federation of angry bikers calls for a “boycott”

The federation considers this new obligation put in place from next Monday “useless” and calls on bikers to mobilize on Saturday and Sunday.


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Bikers mobilized in Clermont-Ferrand in April 2023 against the technical inspection of two-wheelers.  (EVAN LEBASTARD / RADIO FRANCE)

Promised for a long time, the technical inspection of motorized two-wheelers will begin on Monday April 15. This novelty arouses the hostility of many bikers, who mobilize throughout the weekend. For the French Federation of Angry Bikers, this technical inspection is of no use. “Since we find it useless, we have put in place a boycott guide”, declares Thibaut Schmitt, member of the National Office, Saturday April 13 on franceinfo. The technical inspection of two-wheelers is intended to combat road accidents and pollution.

This boycott guide published by the federation “exactly goes over what it is, if you join our movement, the checks you will need to make with your insurance and the risks you really run”explains Thibaut Schmitt.

A risk of being fined 135 euros

While this measure was put in place on Monday, the member of the national office details everything that has already been put in place to counter this obligation: a website, for example,, which lists the centers and garages to boycott: “We are trying to give back to those who are behind all this: the big technical inspection lobbies. Owners of two-wheelers are often also motorists, so we invite them not to take their car to an inspection center. technical inspection which also makes motorized two-wheelers.”

Depending on the registration date of the two-wheeled vehicle, the first technical inspection must be carried out between August 2024 and 2029, at the latest. Boycotting the technical inspection of motorized two-wheelers carries a fine of 135 euros.

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