the first visitors came to admire Ramses II



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The first visitors were able to admire the sarcophagus of Ramses II in Paris, Friday April 7. The historic exhibition has just opened its doors for a period of 5 months.

At the opening, on the morning of April 7, the crowd was already present, eager to plunge into the darkness of the exhibition. Since Champollion, French Egyptomania has been undeniable. 180 pieces lead visitors in the footsteps of Ramses II, including a coffin exceptionally taken from Egypt. An invaluable treasure because Ramses II is undoubtedly the most glorious pharaoh of all Antiquity. “Ramses is really the king of all superlatives. (…) He is a king who had the longest reign in ancient Egypt (…) and that’s why he was never forgotten”says Bénédicte Lhoyer, Egyptologist and scientific advisor to the exhibition.

“Magic Never Goes Away”

Jewels, statues, mummies, other pharaoh coffins, there is enough to feed the imagination of all enthusiasts. “Magic Never Goes Away”, exclaims a woman. The trip is extended by a virtual visit which propels you along the Nile, in the heart of a grandiose temple and its colossi bearing the effigy of Ramses II.

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