the fight of a former drug addict to get out of 15 years of addiction


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M.Martel, M.Petitjean, V. Bouffartigue, E.Noël, E.Penot – France 2

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Faced with increasingly accessible drugs on the territory, Camel Guelloul, a former drug addict, intends to challenge the youngest about the infernal spiral in which he has fallen. Thus, he goes to meet them in high schools.

He has become the adult he would have liked to meet as a teenager. At 49, Camel Guelloul recounts from one high school to another his past as a former drug addict.At 18 I was addicted to alcohol, at 19 I was addicted to cocaine, at 21 I was addicted to heroin“, he testifies. He performs 250 interventions a year in front of high school students absorbed by his story. It has only one objective: dissuade them from taking drugs. He began his tour of France in the 2000s to reach as many young people as possible.

years of psychotherapy

It’s interesting that he talks about it so openly because today we tend to minimize the effects“, thinks a high school student. Camel Guelloul celebrates 20 years of abstinence but the road has been long. He started using drugs at age 13 after the accidental death of his father. His nine-year-old daughter caused a stir when she caught him taking drugs. A month of detox and years of psychotherapy followed.

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