the family of the harassed teenager files a complaint for “non-assistance to anyone in danger”, in particular against the director of her college

A judicial investigation had been opened a week after the death of the 13-year-old girl, and five people were indicted.

“We were not helped, we were let go” : the mother of Lindsay, a 13-year-old teenager who killed herself on May 12 in Vendin-le-Vieil (Pas-de-Calais), after being harassed in college and online, testified with d other relatives at a press conference, Thursday, June 1. Their lawyer announced the filing of four complaints for “non-assistance to person in danger”, against the director of his establishment, the Lille academy, the police officers in charge of a first complaint and against Facebook France and Instagram France.


Schooled in 4th grade at Bracke-Desrousseau college in Vendin-le-Vieil, Lindsay committed suicide at her home, against a background of harassment in her establishment and on social networks. A “first harassment situation” had been reported concerning it, “processed by the establishment”had specified the rectorate to AFP, affirming that sanctions had been taken, and that a student had notably left the establishment.

The insults have continued since the suicide

Lindsay’s relatives, however, accused the school authorities and the police of having minimized the harassment suffered by the young girl and several of her friends. “It’s not necessarily about sending people to prison, it’s about getting people to react”explained the lawyer of the family, Pierre Debuisson.

“After Lindsay’s death, the insults continued and continue to circulate” on Instagram, he added, citing posts like “Lindsay is finally dead” And “we will piss on his grave”. Words which he accuses the social network of not having censored, he explained to justify the complaint.

The lawyer also criticized the attitude of the Minister of National Education, Pap Ndiaye, who had reacted to this suicide on Twitter: Pierre Debuisson judged “inconceivable” to not “take care to meet [de la famille de l’adolescente] and share a few words of compassion”.

A judicial investigation was opened on May 20, a week after the death of the 13-year-old girl, and five people have been indicted.

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